Comic 12 - Jesus Sweetly Abiding Within

13th May 2021, 2:45 PM
Jesus Sweetly Abiding Within
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GospelmanMinistries 13th May 2021, 2:45 PM edit delete
Great news, Gospel Chums! You're cartoonist, Will Boyer, has completed another FREE webcomic page!

Today's comic strip was conceived way back in 2017 or even further back, I can't remember. But the drawing was finished on September 2nd, 2017. I was singing (I can't sing to save my life) a hymn in church one day with the lyrics, "Jesus Sweetly Abiding Within" or something. I thought of two of things: Sweet and Low fake sugar packs and Jesus making His home in our hearts. I couldn't do anything with the first idea, so ran with this one. ;-) It's Who's Line Is It Anyway where the points don't matter, and I'll give a million and two bonus points for whoever can guess what hymn I'm referring to, because I'll be blessed if I know, lol.

Anyway, about the comics being free. That's right, the completed comic pages are free and go up on the internet as a part of our webcomics. I was recently asked to explain my Patreon website. Our/my goal (as we're a revolving door of team members here) for this ministry is to teach the Word of God, mostly importantly the Gospel message, to the young and young at heart, and I don't charge people to hear the good news of Jesus Christ that will save them for eternity! However, as book printing is expensive and I spend a lot of time doing these comics and creating the costumes and buying and learning the Gospel magic tricks and purchasing other goodies to pass out to kids during ministry events like balloons and coloring pages and what not, I've created this Patreon as a way for people to help fund this ministry. Lord willing, I will always continue to create Christian comics and give them to people free of charge, online and in person when financially and physically possible (the pandemic has shut a lot of my opportunities closed). I am called to be a missionary and I want to put serving God and telling the good news to whoever I can as a higher priority than money, but if I were not creating these comics and doing his costumed gospel magic ministry, I could be freed up to work more hours at a day job. Lord willing, I'll be able to continue, but you never know when the Lord will call me to better provide for my family for a season, especially with my wife losing her job during the pandemic and having to get a lower paying one (although she loves it more). But with your support, both prayer and financial, hopefully I will be able to do more than I could without you. It would be a dream come true to study the Bible, write and draw Christian comics, and do this full-time without relying on a day job, but that's all up to the Lord's will. I will serve Him with my abilities and within my capacity either way. If you believe in what I'm doing with Christian comics, please consider supporting me/us in prayer and finances. You can support Gospelman Ministries for as low as $1 a month through our Patreon. If enough people supported me/us this way, just imagine the possibilities! But the Lord's will, not my own. Thank you for reading and please continue to enjoy my comics, grow in the Lord, and obey the Great Commission according to how the Lord has called and supplied you! Amen!

- William Boyer