Comic 14 - I AM the Cure

2nd Jun 2021, 12:26 AM
I AM the Cure
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Author Notes:

GospelmanMinistries 2nd Jun 2021, 12:26 AM edit delete
Welcome back, Gospel Chums! I went ahead and finished the strip from the poll. No worries, I can always change the colors on this one in the future if I decided. We're a very long ways off from printing issue #2. As always, I've started leaning almost solely on public domain Bible translations. I think I'll finally start using the King James Version as well soon. I almost did for this strip, as a matter of fact. I was originally going to pair this strip with Jesus being "the Resurrection and the Life," but I thought this verse was better. Hopefully it was the Holy Spirit leading me to use it. I had some fears that people would be offended because they wanted a cure to cancer and other forms of suffering in the here and now and not in Heaven or the future resurrection on the New Earth. But, honestly, I'm probably being silly to be nervous about that. Because the people would would be offended or attack the strip probably aren't Christian and probably wouldn't be reading my Christian comics anyway. Besides, people like that are already complaining just because these are Christian comic, so my fear is pretty silly. But let me know how you feel. I'm not saying God can't heal in the here and now either, because He can. Anyway, I feel the verse is better, despite still within the context of the resurrection. Also, I probably need a critique on my coloring job... Is the shading garbage? lol